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updated: 4/17/2017

Luna Dance Institute, 25 Points of View: a peek into dance-making

April 20th, 2017
All Day, Five Feet Dance @ 1:10pm-1:35pm

Charlotte and Clarissa will be Live Streaming our rehearsal at Luna Dance 25 Points of View event!

We are inviting YOU ALL to participate in our rehearsal.

Help us make decisions, challenge us, prompt us… We’ll be bringing some handy dandy props with us to play with.

Tune in THIS THURSDAY, live stream opens 1:00pm!

Livestream Promo
Drawing by Fei Rost

Luna will open its doors to the public, inviting all to a sneak glimpse of dancers at work and play. Luna‘s 5th annual event,

25 Points of View: a peek into dance-making features 25 local choreographers dedicated to artistic inquiry and investigation who share the fundamental value at the heart of Luna: creativity.

Each choreographer will host an open rehearsal, show a finished work, improvise, make new phrases, get audience feedback, or use the studio in any other way to bring the creative process to an audience. Guests arriving throughout the day will be treated to seeing the diversity of Bay Area dance artists in the intimate stages of developing work.

Dance lovers, individuals curious about the creative process, school groups, families and community members are invited to drop in all day, at any time to see artists in action.

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